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Industrial Gas Springs

  • Ex stock delivery with valve
  • Individual filling by valve technology
  • Calculation program for individual design
  • Maintenance-free
  • No customer construction expenditure
  • No customer construction expenditure
  • Proven reliability
  • Infinite adjustment of the filling force
  • Calculation program for individual design
  • Customized versions

This product range is suited to all types of applications in which loads must be lifted or lowered.

Gas springs assist the muscle power and provide controlled motion for lids, hoods, flaps etc.

They are maintenance free, self-contained and available from stock with body diameters from 8 to 70 mm and forces from 10 to 13000 N.

With their integral grease chamber they provide a reduced break away force, less friction and an excellent service life.

Traction Gas Springs act in the pull direction.

They are available with body diameters of 19 and 28 mm.

The valve version makes the gas springs adjustable and reusable under changing conditions.

  • Return valve for a fast pressurization ex stock, fine adjustment during assembly and refill upon construction changes
  • Powder coated body for an appealing look and excellent surface protection
  • Piston rod with hard ceramic coating and a special friction bearing for exceptionally long service life with low break-away force
  • With threaded connections at both ends the Gas Spring range is ideally suited to the large range of mounting accessories available, making installation particularly easy.

These ACE products are self-contained systems, filled with pressurized nitrogen.

The filling tolerance is between -20 N and +40 N. The gas spring consistently works in a temperature range from -20°C to +80°C.

Hydraulic oil is used for the end damping. On the extension stroke of the gas spring, the nitrogen gas flows through the metering orifice in the piston to provide a defined feed speed.

In operation the gas spring acts against the weight force of the lid. When the flap is opened, the nitrogen gas flows through the orifice in the piston and supports the force of the hand.

The oil filling provides a gentle damping to rest for the end position. The metering orifice controls the extension and compression velocities.

The gas spring can be mounted in any position. We recommend, however, mounting it rod down to use the end position damping.

The force can be adjusted by means of an integral valve. Many interchangeable parts are available for an easy mounting and installation.

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